Tandem skydiving – the jump of your life!


Do you fancy going tandem skydiving in the Alps? Do you want to leap from the sky? Both in Zell am See and Gmunden you fall towards a lake surrounded by mountains. Enjoy this incredible panorama!

Tandem skydiving means freefall for 40 to 60 seconds – a moment that will last forever. Firmly connected to a professional parachutist, you careen towards the earth from a height of 3,000 to 4,000 metres.

You accelerate to a speed of up to 200km/h before the main canopy opens. Now is your chance to enjoy a bird’s eye view overlooking the magnificent backdrop of the lakes of Zellersee or Traunsee before we safely land on the airfield.

You will remember your tandem skydive as an unforgettable experience for the rest of your life.

Upon request you can have photos and an HD video made – both as proof of your jump and a memento!

Don’t worry – we won’t be pushing you in at the deep end or leave you dangling in mid-air.
Alpenfreifall GmbH is Austria’s first full-time tandem skydiving company.






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