Your adventure is divided into several phases


Safety briefing on the ground

You receive the necessary equipment, such as jumpsuit and glasses (you can wear your prescription glasses underneath). You can wear your street clothes for the jump instead of the jumpsuit if you prefer. We explain the entire schedule to you first of all: how to jump out of the aircraft, which posture to assume during the free fall and how to land safely.


Climb / pleasure flight

During the 20-minute climb / pleasure flight to a jump height of 3,000 or 4,000 metres, you have the chance to enjoy the fantastic panorama and prepare yourself mentally for your jump. The adrenaline kicks in. Generally, there is room in our airplane or helicopter for two tandem guests per climb.

Exit: ready, steady, go!

The pilot gradually throttles the speed in order to reduce the head wind during the jump. We open the door and off you go: you jump out of the airplane or helicopter.

Free fall

Free fall for approx. 40 or 60 seconds. Don’t worry – you can keep on breathing as normal during this time. Your tandem master will stabilise the fall position. The opening of the parachute is a gentle deceleration from 200km/h to a practical standstill within a distance of 300 metres. The opening impact is therefore much more pleasant than a hard braking, in a car, for instance.


The parachute opens at an altitude of approx. 1,500 metres above the ground. 10-minute glide on the parachute. Time to enjoy the fantastic mountain scenery and the lovely landscape of the lakes of Zellersee or Traunsee.


About 10 metres above the ground, your tandem master will ask you to bend your knees in preparation for the landing. In a few seconds, the two of you will land safely on the airfield. Landing is a very gentle touch-down at a very flat angle to the ground. You will find yourself grinning like the Cheshire cat! Congratulations!


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